tips and trick part 5 (error after update chrome fedora)

error after install update google chrome at fedora 14

/opt/google/chrome/chrome: error while loading shared libraries: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

fix with :

[ fazries]# sudo chcon -t usr_t chrome-sandbox

or make selinux modules: first make .te file

[ fazries]# vi chrome.te
#type this:
module chrome 1.0;

require {
        type user_t;
        type execmem_exec_t;
        type setroubleshootd_t;
        class file { read execmod };

#============= chrome_sandbox_t ==============
allow user_t execmem_exec_t:file execmod;

#============= setroubleshootd_t ==============
allow setroubleshootd_t execmem_exec_t:file read;

generate module .mod from .te file

[ fazries]# checkmodule -M -m -o chrome.mod chrome.te 
checkmodule:  loading policy configuration from chrome.te
checkmodule:  policy configuration loaded
checkmodule:  writing binary representation (version 10) to chrome.mod

Create binary file .pp from module file

[ fazries]# semodule_package -o chrome.pp -m chrome.mod

Install the binary using semodule

[ fazries]# semodule -i chrome.pp 


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